Of plastic straws and cigarettes .

Sunday morning , I was sweeping up in front of our restaurant , which is 3 meters from the sea and beach .

I swept up dust , sand and dead flowers and dropped olives ( from our olive trees) , but what really upset me was the amount of cigarette butts  just dropped by the people who pass by , now I must have swept up over a 100 butts , and only ONE dead straw ! 

Now a cigarette filter takes from 18 months to up to 10 years to decompose , and when you realize just how many cigarettes are smoked daily here in Malta , that’s a hell of a large sum (http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2018-05-31/local-news/World-No-Tobacco-Day-20-of-Maltese-population-smoke-regularly-4-smoke-occasionally-6736190847) and has an annual turnover of approximately 116 million euros ,I am not surprised straws are the innocent victims of social and political media .

Moral of the story ? Dispose of your rubbish , may it be a simple cigarette filter , straw , or beer can , PROPERLY ! 
Stephens opinion in many matters are valid in is own little world , any offense taken , is up to the individual ! 


Single use everything ! 

All I hear these days is  ban the single use straw , and plastic , with pop up vid clips of how micro plastic is killing us all . 

And let’s be honest yes harm is being done , but is it plastic or the person using plastic that is the problem ? A simple walk along the promenade in Birzebbuga this morning had me wondering about it all , simply because I noticed so many plastic cups , bottles and even paper bags thrown away on the floor ! 

Now back in the dark ages , we would say , there aren’t any rubbish bins around , or the street cleaner will get it . But there isn’t a street cleaner any more , but there are bins available every 10 meters or so ! 

I have always said , that plastic is better , and I will continue to, simply because it is . Many will disagree with me and I understand . Now don’t get me wrong ,  I’m against single wrapped veg  in a styro foam container covered in cling film , because there is no need for it , just like there isn’t need for a pre peeled tangerine in a plastic container . 

I recycle and when ever possible reuse , and in our restaurant we have minimized use of plastic bottles , plastic cups and such like.  The battle is with the younger generation and their love affair with  take aways and of course a total lack of respect to others . 

Of trees and shade

The past two months have seen drastic culling of mature trees here in Malta , trees that provide shade, a home to nature, oxygen and help battle against pollution and of course help to preserve soil from erosion .

Now many would say I’m a tree hugger , I’m not really , but I do love the shade in summer , I also love the chorus in the evening , and I really do love to breath !

Two areas that stand out are triton fountain in Valletta , and of course paola square .

The removal of mature trees , only to be replaced by immature twig like plants is unbelievable. And yet it happened ! I’m not even going to go down that avenue that transport Malta is taking in their road widening scheme , where hundreds of mature trees , aged 40 plus years were going to be chopped down , to make room for the almighty car !

The environment is a living entity , trees provide far more to humans and nature’s smaller beasts , than we need , just shade and oxygen are two important factors.

This week I will be planting two more olive trees , to compensate for the stupidity of mature trees fallen . Will you be planting a tree? Please do !

Of trees , migrants and power (supply)

So this past week has been a whirlwind of news , both local and foreign , I don’t usually do news but this week I will !

Firstly children in cages in the USA . I have to ask my self why ? Just why ? Who in their sick mind forces families apart , reminiscent of not only Nazis but of internment camps in America during WW2 , but even then families where kept together .

It’s wrong just wrong ! Power gone wrong , policing gone wrong , humanity gone wrong !

Then we have our Italian cousins ! So you want to take a hard line on immigration , (whilst Italians are inundating our shores looking for a better life here in Malta , you know that third world country you give electricity too ! ), well done – NOT ! When did we put a price on human life ?

And then when the republic of Malta stands up and pretty much does the same thing malta is the plucky under dog , errr no , it’s just the same thing , playing with peoples lives for political coverage .

And finally trees ! Malta is small and built up , and yes we need new roads , but why remove trees in such away ? Trees provide shade , homes for birds and other natural life .

Trees are not a picture , hung in a spot , then to be moved when needed! Trees take years to grow . We need more trees to enhance our island , an island suffering from less rainfall than ever , and why ? Less trees .

I’m not bothered by comments of non indigenous plants , but I do enjoy oxygen derived from trees , I enjoy shade from trees , and I enjoy nature that live in trees , you may call me old fashioned in that way!

Let us know where our trees are being replanted ! Let us know where migrants are kept and living in humane conditions , and please mr and mrs politicians , remember , we voted you in , and we can vote you out !

Euro vision ?

Once upon a time, we would await the amazing show that was the Eurovision.

As a child I did not know about,   Music  politics or any politics at all .(and I still don’t really care for it .) all I knew was there was music , and a brilliant light show and dancing , even though it was in black and white  , it still was an event long waited for , simply because we weren’t inundated with music on every means of media 24/7 or magnificent shows either  , like we are today .

We also tend to forget  the reasons why Euro vision was important, it was a simple means of introducing different cultures through the means of music  after the dark days of post war Europe .

And today ? Mmmm , I don’t really know any more ! The love for Eurovision is stronger than ever , along with the haters too!  This years winning song along with many of past  songs , makes  me wonder at times ,” which direction the whole show is going “?

Every year , we Maltese hope that our song will be a winner , and we quote from  those glory days , back when we came close to winning  , and hope it will be our turn  this time , and when it doesn’t ? We quote the political friend voting and other injustices that effect small island countries, at the same time forgetting those glory days when we nearly clasped at the winning title!

So for me ? The Eurovision will always be about the Saturday night at home with my mum and sister , watching our back and white tv  (and I’m sure I never made it past 10 pm before falling asleep ) , family time .  And music , which of course helps us imagine a better place .



Advertising , it sucks !

As I drive , I like to read bus stop ads and what they are trying to sell !

And of course like any fifty plus year old , I’ve seen trends come and go , but the trend of advertising food as a goal is a new one to me , such as ” breakfast goals” and the like !

Breakfeast isn’t a goal ! A goal is what you score in a school football match , or when you are a champions league football player ,  a goal is an achievement to be reached , such as weight loss or similar  but never a meal !

So if you fall into the trap of , mm that’s a good idea , , you might need to re adjust your thought process and  take a step back from believing street ads .

life is simple , you wake up , have breakfast , it’s not a goal , it’s what you do !

So keep it real , have breakfast at home , or buy a pastizzi , which may not be good for you , but is the traditional way to start our Maltese day !

Dad and teens !

So today I took my son out for lunch , and he actually wore clothes without any holes in them !

In the car , I said to him , “wow only 3 years before “, he quickly said -” yes I get my driving license “!” Nope “I said , “you get to  leave home! ” and  I laughed the dad joke laugh , which I’m sure you all know , the one that makes us  dads feel good !

Joking apart , it was good to spend a little time with Sam , listening to his dreams and thoughts of his future , but feeling my heart was being squeezed , at the thought of the baby I held in the palm of my hand  when he was born , now a teen , with dreams of moving away and studying  in foreign lands.

its hard not to say to a teen , turn that rubbish down  when he listens to “his music ”  not being an archaic dad ! and let him find his own way in taste and feels !

Being a dad is a difficult road to go down , but one of the best rides ever !